400x400mm 3d Printer Heating Pad

400x400mm 3d Printer Heating Pad

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Wonderful silicone heater for your 3D printer build plate heating. It with fast and even heating. Equipped with NTC 100K thermistor (3950) as temperature control sensor which is supported directly by Marlin firmware. 3M adhesive backing offers excellent and easy mounting onto most surfaces.


Following are the working temperature under room temperature: 12v 300w--------Max 120℃ 24v 350w--------Max 130℃ 110v 300w------Max 120℃ 110v 500w------Max 160℃ 220v 300w------Max 120℃ 220v 500w------Max 160℃


If you need other size hot bed , please contact us,We can customize it for you.


-Versatile and may be used in many other applications. - Double faced adhesive tape backing can be installed easily. - Quick Heat up and Stable Performance under High Temperature. -Integrated with NTC 100K thermistor as temperature control sensor. -Fast and lasting heating -Flexible and customizable -Waterproof and non-toxic -Light weight and flexible heater -High heating speed, high heat conversion efficiency -It can customize the actual power, voltage, size etc.

Dimension 400x400mm
Material silicone rubber
Temperature Range Max 120℃

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