200L Oil Drum Heating Mat

200L Oil Drum Heating Mat

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200L Oil Drum Insulation Heating Blanket 200l oil drum insulation heating blanket consists of the heating element, base core, fabrics, power cord, junction box, control switch (or thermostat). It has two style thermostat, one is constant temperature type and another is adjustable temperature type. The constant temperature type is implanting one or more fixed temperature control element in the electric blanket, when the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heating blanket automatically starts heating, when the temperature reaches the set temperature; the heating blanket automatically disconnected the power supply, and continues thermal insulation. The whole process is circulated. The temperature adjustable type is built in a temperature probe, which transmit temperature signal to the relay in the temperature control box, and the relay control the connection of the circuit. Temperature could be set up by users according to the using environment and conditions.

The feature of insulation tank heating blanket

A.Thickened the thermal insulation layer make the heating blanket has better thermal insulation, and faster heating up.

B. Smoothly lied resistant wire makes the heating blanket heating Uniform.

C. High temperature resistance flame retardant fabrics are used.

D. The heating blanket is designed with connection and fixation device, by which the heating area could extend easily.

E. Different with insulation surface, the temperature tolerance of heating surface is more than 260℃.

F. The heating blanket is built in temperature control in case of burning of the heating blanket by abnormal use.

G. Several temperature probes are layout uniformly, making sure the uniform heating.

200L Insulation Tank Heating Blanket Spec

Width: 860mm

Length: 1884mm

Voltage: 230v

Wattage: 2000w

Dimension 1884x860mm
Material Ceramic glass*silicone gel*fiber glass
Temperature Range Max 200℃

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